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Director/Owner: Ms.Chaitanya/ Mr. Rao

Centre Manager/Nominated supervisor: Ms Ping (Coco)

Discoverers room(0-2): Ms Guneet, Ms Carmel

Explorers room(2-3): Ms Chloe , Ms Farha ( on maternity leave), Ms Paige

Inventor room(3-5): Ms Jeong, Ms Heather, Ms Amy, Ms Sam

 Traineeship: Ms Paige, Ms Sam, Ms Carmel

Casual Team: Ms Joanne, Ms Pamela, Ms Sara,Ms Ceci, Ms Julie

Suitable qualified Educators are employed in all age groups and the child Educators ratios are adhered to according to our NQF requirements. All Educators have their Senior First Aid Certificates, Working with Children Checks completed and attend monthly Educators meetings. Our Educators are regularly involved and encouraged to attend further development and training.


We aim for our Service to be unique in that all our Educators will have had training and experience in the child care profession. For further details on the qualifications of the Educators, please contact our Centre Management (Nominated Supervisor)。


Congratulation on Ms Carmel's new book for publish.