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1/1/17 – New Year’s Day (S)

2/1/17 – Additional public holiday(M)

3/1/17– Centre Open (M)

26/1/17 – Australia Day (T) it marks the anniversary of the 1788 arrival of the First Fleet of British Ships at Port Jackson, New South Wales, and raising of the Flag of Great Britain at that site by Governor Arthur Phillip. Centre closed for Australia Day(Th)    

27/1/17 – Children will draw and discuss what they did for Australia Day (F)

28/1/17–3/2/17 Asia/Chinese New Year Rooster (M)

28/2//17 – Pancake Day (shrove day) (T)

14/2/17 – Valentine’s Day celebrate (T)

24/2/17 – Grandparents afternoon tea

And cooking experience on the day(F)


13/3/17 - Holi day (M)

16/3/17 -  World Greatest Shave Day (Th). Come to the Centre with craziest/Funky hairstyles

17/3/17– St Patrick’s Day (F) Come dressed in Green

21/3/17 – Harmony Day (T). Children will do yoga and breathing exercises and learn about acceptance and inclusion for

24/3/17– World red cross day: learning about the activities of the Red Cross and about disaster relief in general. (F)




2/4/16 – Daylight Saving Time (S)

13/4/17 – Easter hat Parade (Th). Children to make their own special Easter hat for our Easter hat and egg hunter game

14/4/17 – Good Friday (F) Centre closed for Easter holiday

17/4/17 – Easter Monday (M) Centre closed for Easter holiday

23/4– 27/4/17– Earth week. The children will be researching the Earth (M-F)

23/4/17– Earth day – children to learn how earth day started(M)

24/4 – 5/5/17- Live eggs chicken circle two week

25/4/17 –Anzac Day(T) Centre Close for Anzac Day

26/4/17 – Anzac Day (W) activities for children

26-27/4/17 – Fotek photo take day 930-1130

26/4/17 – Proposed visit from RSPCA for International Guide dog day 930-1030 am (W)

2/5/17 – World Asthma Day – come to school in your PJS to raise awareness for asthma sufferers (PJS day) (T)

1/5-11/5/17 – Make Mother’s Day present

12/5/17 – Mother’s Day afternoon tea 230-430 (F)

14/5/17 – Mother’s Day (S)

5/6/17– World Environment day– come and plant some trees with us (M)

12/6/17– Centre closed for Queen’s Birthday (M)

13/6/17 – Come dressed as a king or Queen in honor of the Queen’s Birthday(T)

14/6/17 – Parent/teacher Night (6-7) (W)

26-30/6/17 – Inventor’s room parent’s individual meeting week.

30/6/17– Red nose day (F): Come to school with red nose





2/7/15-9/7/17 – NAIDOC WEEK

12/7/17 – sea creature(W)930-1130


26/7/17 – Teddy bears picnic day: bring along your favorite teddy bear(T)

2/8-9/8/17 – Healthy bones week, dental awareness month: children will be learning about healthy foods, the importance of cleaning out teeth.

8/8/17– Dentist visit 10-10:30(T)

14-18/8/17 - Science week

16/8/17- Fizzie Education visit 930-1130

18/8/17– Winter wonderland day: come dressed like you are going to the snow, woolly hats and gloves etc.(F)

25/8/17 – Daffodil day (F)  big breakfast 930-1030 for raises funds for Cancer Council to continue its work in cancer research

15/8-25/8/17-children's book week: bring your favorite books into the school during the week and dress up with your favorite costumes. On 25/8/16 fancy day

28/8-2/9/17 – Make father’s day presents

1/9/17 – Father’s day afternoon tea (S)

3/9/17– Father’s day (S)



11/9/17– Fire Fighters Remembrance Day for (10/9/17) come dressed as a fire fighter or in red, proposed fire fighter visit from 10-1030(M)

5/10/16—World teacher’s day Celebrate and show your teachers your love and care for them(W)

22/9/17 –Jeans for Genes day (F)




1/10/17 – Day light saving time starts(S)

2/10/17 – Labour Day Centre Close for Labour Day (M)

19/10/16 -  Diwali Day India festival (TH)

23-27/10/17– Halloween art week

31/10/17– Halloween Fancy party(T)

2/11/17 – Eyes screening (Th) 9-11am

7/11/17 – Melbourne Cup day (T): children are welcome to dress like horse

13-19/17 – National Recycling week:  to bring a national focus to the environmental benefits of recycling

12/11/17 – Remembrance Day (M) for 11/11/17(S): remember to buy a poppy and wear it to remember the people and making our own poppy’s.


8/12/17– Children’s Graduation from 200-530pm (F) Children’s Christmas party 

15/12/17 – staff’s Christmas party night

22/12/17 – last day for the Centre

23/12/17– 7/1/17 Centre closed for two weeks

25/12/17 –Christmas day (M)

26/12/17 - Boxing day (T)

31/12/17– New Year’s Eve

1/1/18 – new year

8/1/18 - Centre Re-Open

*Please check this every month, and involves with our events