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Family Involvement

We believe the best way to work with you and your child is by building a partnership of care. To do this we want you to feel

You are given lots of information about what is happening and you are asked for your views

  • Families are welcome to visit at any time of the day.
  • Families are encouraged to make suggestions and offer critique on our program, philosophy, management and food menu.
  • Families are encouraged to share aspects of their culture with the educators and children as well as appropriate experiences.
  • Families are invited to participate in the service’s daily routine by helping out with activities such as craft, the preparation of morning tea, special activities and afternoon tea.
  • Minutes of regular staff/parents meetings will be kept aside for either side to make suggestions.

Family Skills, Interests and Talents

We welcome all family members to our Service and we encourage when possible for families to be involved in your child’s program. There are many ways for your family to be involved. We understand that our busy lives can’t always afford the time, however any contribution no matter how big or small is much appreciated. Here are just a few ideas.

Your Occupation

Your child loves you and when they get to childcare all they talk about is you. You are the most important person in their world. We welcome all parents to the Service to talk about their occupation or hobby. Everything parents do interest children and these talks are the best educational resources you can provide for the Service. After occupational discussions we use it in our programming and the ideas explored from parent talks can last for weeks.

Your Home Culture

Your home culture is most welcomed in our Service, we would greatly appreciate if you were able to share with our Service aspects of your culture and family life. This would assist us to enrich the lives of all our families and children.

Reading (especially good for grandparents)

Children love to be read to. If you or your parents have the time please contact your room Educators to organise a day for reading.

Useful Junk - We are always on the lookout for recyclable items for the rooms. Empty food containers, ribbons, wrapping paper, towel tubes (not toilet or egg or milk re-hygiene and allergy) paper or anything interesting form your work is much appreciated.

Family Photos – Our aim is to create a warm, friendly and homely environment. One way we like to achieve this is by having family photos displayed. Please bring in a copy of your family for us to display in the room.

Concerts and Special Events

Our Service organises special events throughout the year. Keep an eye out as your child is sure to be a star!


If you have any other suggestion or idea on how we best can work together in the Service and together with your child’s program please let us know.

This is vital to ensure maintenance of a quality service. Your contribution of ideas, experiences and skills are welcomed and greatly valued. You may be able to share your skills and experiences in Music, Craft, Cooking and Storytelling etc to enhance your child’s program at the Service. Please complete your availability or what you can offer the Service on the enrolment form.

Parents are welcome to visit or call the Service at any time. If you have any talents or hobbies, we welcome and encourage to please share them with the children.

If you have any concerns, please see your child’s teacher or the Nominated Supervisor. We have a grievance policy and procedure if you would like to formally raise any concerns