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Health & Safety

The Service provides a healthy and safe environment for children, Educators and families to grow and develop in – as such the Service has a health and safety and hygiene policy regarding illnesses and medications. Children with contagious illnesses are required to be kept at home and a doctor’s certificate must be presented to show that the infection cannot be passed when the child returns to the Service.

Food Allergies

We are an allergy aware Service. Nut free zone.

Please inform the Nominated Supervisor if your child has any allergy.


NO CHILD will be admitted with obvious signs of any highly contagious infection or illness. Our policy states the incubation period, symptoms and exclusion periods of such diseases. Children who are not immunised will be required to be exempt from the Service.


Educators will be able to administer medication to children who are recovering from illness.

A medication form must be completed and signed by parents before any medication will be given. All prescription medication must be prescribed for your child and not another family member- unless stated otherwise by a doctor’s certificate. Medication must be in date and in it’s original packaging.

The medication must be handed to a Educator to store in a locked container in fridge. Please DO NOT leave medication in your child’s bag.

The Educator who gives medication requires a medication form to be completed by the parent, e.g. tablets, mixture, creams.

Any child who has commenced an antibiotic must not attend the Service for 24 hours from commencement.


The Service aims to provide a safe environment for children who have asthma. It is Service policy that an “Asthma Record Plan” be completed by parents/guardians in consultation with the family doctor. It is also a requirement that the record plan be reviewed by your family doctor annually or as circumstances change. This must be completed and returned before enrolment commences. These will be available at the time of enrolment.

Sun Protection

Our Service’s policy is “no hat, no play”. This policy will be enforced. Parents are asked to provide a wide brim hat to wear during outside activities. These must be named. The most suitable hat is one, which shades the ears and neck, as research is showing a high incidence of skin cancer on people’s ears.


In case of an accident or illness occurring at the Service, the Nominated Supervisor will contact parents if deemed necessary. As a matter of extreme importance parents must ensure that the Service has up to date emergency contact numbers. An incident report will be filled out, outlining the accident and signed by the Educators who observed and administered first aid, as well as any witnesses. The Nominated Supervisor’s and parent’s signature will also be required.

Emergency Drills

Throughout the year the Service will hold emergency drills which occur at any given time throughout the day. These are carried out in a well-organised and orderly manner. Also Educators will be trained in using the fire extinguishers that are in the Service. A emergency escape plan will be in every room.

Using the Service Safely

Never leave children unattended in cars while collecting children from the Service.

Cars parks are dangerous places for children, always hold children’s hands when arriving and leaving the Service

Never leave a door or gate open.

Never leave your children unattended in a room.

Children are not permitted into the kitchen and laundry areas.

Workplace Health and Safety Feedback

We welcome all feedback regarding the safety of our Service. If you see something that concerns you regarding safe work practises, the safety of building and equipment or general WHS, please contact the Nominated Supervisor immediately.