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1. To Killara child care Centre:

I just wanted to express my thanks for your care for Adam over the past 2.5 years.  When I had started work I was an emotional wreck who couldn’t bear to leave my child with a different caregiver. Your Centre had just opened a few doors down from us and I remember the way your centre made the process to leave my child very easy.  The level of care my son received was wonderful and I felt at ease knowing that he was in good hands. When we moved to the other area, my husband and I were not confident that any other Centre could match the quality of care for our child received and instead decided to commute. I would like to thank all the teachers that he has had in the past, particularly Educators who have worked with my child and his confidence over the last few weeks.  I can’t thank you all enough for helping me particularly in the last few days.  I will never forget this Centre and will be happy to recommend it to anyone who requires day care.


Mahera and family



2. To Killara Child Care Centre:

Hi Coco,

I would like to thank you for all your organization,  support and help about Lucas and Lynette at Killara childcare during these two years.

I sent Lucas to Killara childcare from 2014 and Lynette from 2015. You organized extra funding and teacher for Lucas because of Lucas' developmental delay. Therefore, Lucas got more support and cared. Especially I would like to say "thank you" to Farha. She gave me many suggestions such as preparing a notebook for recording Lucas' daily routine. This special notebook let our communication more smoothly and updating.

I also appreciated Jeong, Amy and Heather when Lucas and Lynette transited to inventor's room. They always co-operated with Lucas' OT and ST. They also tried their best to follow up the tasks and activities with Lucas such as toilet training, fine motor training and language training. They did lots of extra things for help Lucas to get improvement.


I appreciate that both of my kids could stay at killara childcare in past two years. The teachers are all very nice and helpful. The environment is tidy, all the stuffs are organizing and the learning programs are strategy. Now they are more creative, more independent and more socialized. We will miss all the teachers and children there. Thank you very much.

Kind regards, 

Karen Lin